9th Biennial Conference meets October 31 - November 3, 2013 at Saint Louis University

The Conference of the IARHS brings together established and emerging scholars to present research, new findings, ideas, and cultural reinventions of the medieval outlaw Robin Hood as well as on outlawry, general misdeedsdoing, tomfoolery, wayfaring, and other sorts of Greenwood hijinks.

The 9th Conference will focus on the games of Robin Hood, whether they are the games Robin plays in the stories, or the games in which Robin's stories are performed. We welcome research ranging from the medieval play-games to modern videogames, from Robin's tricks against the Sheriff to playing tricks against a Sherwood-dwelling Daffy Duck.

In addition, we also welcome papers on other elements of the Outlaw's stories, from medieval Europe to modern America and alltimes and places in-between. If you have an idea for a panel or a paper, please don't hesitate to submit it.


The 2013 Conference is sponsored by:

The Department of English
The Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies
The Department of History
The Department of Fine & Performing Arts
The Department of Modern & Classical Languages
The Mellon Foundation
The Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences