Call for Papers

The 9th Biennial Conference on Robin Hood is seeking papers and presentations on all topics related to Robin Hood, outlaw culture, and games as a form of storytelling from all historical periods and geographical regions. Presentations related to this year's theme are especially welcome and will have precedence over other topics.


This year's theme is THE GAMES OF ROBIN HOOD. We're looking at games as a form of storytelling, and oral recitation and performance as a sort of game. Robin Hood is a superb example of this, seeing as how the Robin Hood mythos developed through the play-games of England and Scotland, the pastorelles of France, and the improvisational structure of the ballads. We will continue the discussion through to modern forms of storytelling, looking at board games, Youtube videos, videogames, and cinematic turns that "play" with the audience.

In addition we're looking at the use of games within the stories, be they between Robin and his usual nemesis the Sheriff, or with King John, Little John, Sir Guy, Maid Marian, or any of the Merry Men. We welcome papers that use game theory, gift theory, or trickster models to understand how Robin Hood identifies along the games he plays and how these play an integral part of the character and the stories all the way from Robin Hood and the Potter through Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


Paper submissions

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